Professional Power Query & The M Language Book

Power Query is a very flexible tool that allows you to collect data from many sources and then join, combine, clean, process and transform it at will into a form that will be easy to analyze and report. It is integrated in Power BI, Excel, Dataverse, Power Automate, SSAS Tabular and many other products.

The Professional Power Query and the M language book is dedicated to the professional use of Power Query and the M language, primarily in Power BI, Excel and Power Query Online. It progresses from the brief basics, through the entire M language, and various practical techniques used in data processing, including performance optimization. So that the reader can at the end independently process data from various data sources into the required form, and that the resulting solutions are fast, efficient and easy to maintain.

In this book you will find:

  • How to start using Power Query and the M language in a professional way,
  • How to use the entire M language, how it works, and how to confidently write scripts in it,
  • Practical techniques for everyday data processing,
  • How to retrieve data from different kinds of APIs,
  • Dozens of optimization techniques to speed up and make processing in Power Query more efficient.

This book is written so that you can gradually learn Power Query and the M language from the ground up, and to learn the common practices and techniques that you will encounter in the field when using this technology. Thanks to this, you don’t have to strain yourself for long weeks or months or search for solutions on the Internet when you want to prepare your data for Power BI or Excel.

The book is exactly 764 pages long. It is written in the format of instructions with screenshots, tables and scripts, step by step, while the author explains them – that is, as you are used to from this blog. All instructions are written for English versions of Power Query.

Power Query book, back pageAlthough this book is aimed at a beginner audience at the beginning, it also targets an advanced audience towards the end. However, it is not an exhaustive resource that covers this technology “down to the last screw”. This book would have to be estimated to have several thousand pages. And it would be just as suitable as a paperweight under the door.

Instead, the book focuses on the most essential things you need to know about Power Query so that you can process data independently in Power Query and prepare it for analysis and reporting tools. Alternatively, use some more advanced techniques that may come in handy in practice. So if you are just starting to work in Power Query, or have been working in it for several months, this book will be for you. However, if you have been working in it for several years, then probably only the last chapters will be useful from this book. Rather, go to one of our advanced Power Query courses.

This book also covers getting data from different kinds of APIs and optimizing Power Query performance in depth. It addresses practical data processing issues that arise in business use, including scripting in the M language on which mastering Power Query depends. At the same time, the book is written practically and concisely, based on the author’s more than 10 years of experience with these technologies. And those of you who already know him, either directly or from references, know that it is loaded with a lot of content. Moreover, it is the first book in the world that covers the entire M language completely. It is also the only one that deals with performance optimization in depth.

Therefore, not only beginners will find their stuff in it. It contains a number of little-known and undocumented functionalities, how Power Query works internally, and how to use it appropriately to achieve the highest possible speed and efficiency of data processing. Therefore, even Power Query professionals will use it.

The book is available in the classic printed version only.

If you are interested in the content of the book, you can view a sample of the first 35 pages from the book. Based on that, you will immediately know what you can use from the book. Alternatively, read the Questions and Answers for the book, where you will find answers to the most common questions.

The format of the book is C5, and its dimensions are 162 x 229 mm. The book is bound in soft cover and printed on white premium paper.

The price of the book is EUR 59.90 with VAT, plus postage. We send the book by courier within the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic. For all other countries, you can order it on Amazon.

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